Friday, November 9, 2012

THE PARAMEDIC Joins the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour with Dance Gavin Dance!

The Paramedic will join Dance Gavin Dance on this year's Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour! The band will play from November 27 to December 1 and will bring their own R&B inspired metal to the masses! Guitarist and songwriter Jake Nolan commented, "We are really excited to be a part of this tour. It's a huge opportunity for us, especially right after the release of our debut album. We can't wait to share the stage with all of these incredible bands. It's going to be a blast!".

The Paramedic just released their Bullet Tooth debut album "Smoke & Mirrors"! The metalcore album is lighting the internet on fire with polarizing talk from fans and is currently sitting at #8 on the iTunes Metal Chart. Their new music video for "Eddie Would Be Proud" is streaming now at YouTube.  Intensity, emotion and raw power are three ways to describe Dayton, OH’s The Paramedic. But to pigeon hole the band with just three words would simply be an injustice to this group. Formed in late 2010 by friends Jake Nolan (Guitar), Travis Adkins (Bass), Tony Hovater (Drums), Sean Salasny (Guitar) and Mike Luciano (Lead Vocals); The Paramedic is poised to spearhead the next generation of dynamic metalcore bands, thanks in part to Luciano's diverse R&B background. The band delivers a unique mix blending the insanity of Asking Alexandria, the electro-sensibilities of Attack Attack, and the soulfulness of Jonny Craig.

Living the dream is a philosophy that Mike Luciano and the guys thrive to live out on a daily basis and will have nothing stand in their way. Against his parents' wishes, Luciano dropped out of college to pursue his dream of making it in the world of music. This intense internal struggle has made Luciano’s lyrics a personal one-of-a-kind statement that range from raising awareness towards rape to standing up for what you believe in. Judging by the nearly 300,000 views of their cover of Lil’ Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” on YouTube and their 50,000 fans on Facebook, all of the hard work and life altering decisions have been worth it.

In early 2012, the bands' dream finally came together when New Jersey based record label, Bullet Tooth, signed The Paramedic to a deal. Joining other acts such as Affiance, Serianna, Death Ray Vision and more, the band is sure to reach new audiences that they only ever dreamed about. “It’s been our dream to not only be signed to a label, but also to a label that we know and trust and with Bullet Tooth, we know we are getting just that” said vocalist Mike Luciano.

The band is preparing for future tour dates (to be announced soon!) and Luciano goes on to say “We could have never done this without the help of a reputable label and now that we have the backing of an amazing label, we plan on making nothing but the best for our fans. We cannot wait to see what the future holds”.

Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour 2012 Featuring Dance Gavin Dance, Alot Like Birds, I The Mighty, Hail The Sun, The Paramedic:

Nov-27 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
Nov-28 Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys
Nov-29 Detroit, MI or Cincinnati, OH
Nov-30 Chicago, IL @ Metro
Dec-01 Minneapolis, MN @ Station 4

The Paramedic is:
Mike Luciano - Vocals
Jake Nolan - Guitar
Sean Salasny - Guitar
Tony Hovater - Drums
Travis Adkins - Bass

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