Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VANDERBUYS​T: Dutch Crew’s New LP Locked, Cocked And Ready To Rock

This December, The Netherlands’ raging trio VANDERBUYST will bring the party back to the rock scene full-on with their third LP, Flying Dutchmen. The surging energy of Flying Dutchmen will rocket forth onto the public worldwide this December 7th via Ván Records, the label responsible for bringing such acts as The Devil’s Blood, The Ruins Of Beverast, Nagelfar and others into the cult spotlight within the last decade, in addition to having unleashed VANDERBUYST’s 2010-released self-titled debut LP and 2011-released sophomore album, In Dutch.
Flying Dutchmen Track Listing:
1. Frivolous Franny
2. Waiting In The Wings
3. Give Me One More Shot
4. The Butcher’s Knife
5. Tears Won’t Rinse
6. Never Be Clever
7. In Dutch
8. Johnny Got Lucky
9. Lecherous
10. Flying Dutchman
11. Welcome To The Night

The world needs VANDERBUYST now more than ever. The fun has been taken out of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. In their native Netherlands, the Red Light zones have become cesspools of human trafficking. One by one, the coffee shops are denying access to anyone who is not registered in the government’s database as a card-carrying stoner. Too many bands are more concerned with the quantity of “likes” than the quality of licks. Guitarist Willem Verbuyst, drummer Barry Van Esbroek and singer/bassist Jochem Jonkman saw the writing on the wall in 2008 and did what the Dutch do best: they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. The energetic trio began crafting songs with the quintessentially Dutch attitude that less is more than enough provided you have the right raw materials. A three-track demo EP led to the band’s self-titled debut LP on Ván Records. From the classic riff and lead sound to the catchy refrains, it was clear: this is authentic hard rock at its best. In Dutch drove the point home again with even more finesse and fire.
But what about the band’s live reputation? In a word: incendiary! In the past three years, these driven Dutchmen have played over two hundred shows in sixteen countries, thrilling audiences with their high octane shows. In 2011, VANDERBUYST opened for the legendary Saxon on their European tour and hit the main stage at Holland’s famous Bospop festival (with bands like Black Country Communion and Dream Theater) to name one of the highlights of the 100 shows they played that same year including support for Triggerfinger, one of the most popular alternative rock bands in Europe. In 2012, the band toured Europe with Grand Magus, and back home, they had the honor of supporting hard rock legend Scott Gorham’s Thin Lizzy as well as Judas Priest. Across the border in France, they tore up the main stage at Hellfest, which also hosted Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe and Blue Öyster Cult. In Germany, VANDERBUYST took the main stage at the 2012 Bang Your Head festival and promptly gave the crowd whiplash.
With the upcoming release of a new full-length album, Flying Dutchmen, VANDERBUYST continue their tireless quest to save the world from flaccid rock. Much like their ancestors before them, Jonkman, Van Esbroek and Verbuyst have achieved an amazing feat of reclamation. Vanderbuyst have restored the heart and soul to hard rock without any gimmicks or ironic hipster attitude. This is the real deal.

Today, VANDERBUYST and Ván Records proudly reveal the first single and official video for the album’s tenth anthem, “Flying Dutchman,” viewable alongside a pile of other good stuff.

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